Crane Inspections

Articulating Crane Inspections

Articulating Crane Inspections

Interprovincial Crane Inspections

Central Alberta Heavy Duty Repair is fully licensed to provide annual crane inspections on all truck-mounted articulating and stiff boom cranes.  Our partnership with Arsenal Engineering of Abbotsford BC. provides us with more than 10 years of experience in the crane industry.

Recent tightening of regulations by Worksafe B.C. now requires that cranes undergo an operational and mechanical test as part of their annual inspection as well as a load test when applicable.  These additional test as outlined in CSA Z150-11 "Safety Code on Mobile Cranes" and CSA Z150.3-11 "Safety Code on Articulating Boom Cranes" are in addition to the Non-destructive Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) required on all structural members.  Our inter-provincial certification ensures that your machinery will be approved for use in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan if required.

And , unlike other inspection companies, Central Alberta Heavy Duty Repair has the facility and accreditation to provide both CVIPs and Crane Inspections simultaneously, provide repairs on crane equipment and the carrier (including certified welding repairs) which allows our customers to reduce downtime and the associated costs.

New Regulations for Crane Inspections !!

If your equipment does work in B.C. you need to be aware of the new inspection criteria required by Worksafe B.C.  Crane inspections must now include a mechanical and operational inspection performed by a Certified Heavy Duty Mechanic.  Unlike other inspection contractors, Central Alberta Heavy Duty Repair has mechanics on staff to perform these inspections.  Be sure you are getting the certification required for your equipment to work outside Alberta.  Please call for any questions

General Pricing is as follows:

Articulating Cranes:        $450

Stiff Boom Cranes:           $550

Inter-provincial certification:   $250

Additional charges may apply for cleaning prior to MPI.  On-site testing is available but subject to our service truck rates.  Central Alberta Heavy Duty Repair can also perform annual inspections on other types of machinery.  Please call for pricing.